Timex Kids Watches

If you’re looking for a good quality kids watch with a nice design it’s hard to beat Timex kids watches. Timex has been making wrist watches for a long time and they’ve built a solid reputation in this area because of the quality watches they produce.

The Benefits of Timex Kids Watches

The Timex wrist watch was first introduced in 1950 and became quite popular thanks to their inventive advertising campaigns. Well, partially because of the advertising and more importantly because of the claims on which their ads were based — durability. You may remember the popular catch phrase “Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking”.

Anyone who has kids knows the value of well-made, durable kids items. Kids can be pretty hard on things sometimes, so the idea of buying something you think will last a long time is a great benefit.

Another benefit of Timex watches for kids is that Timex offers a Kids Loss Protection Plan on some of their kids watches. If the child’s watch is lost, Timex will replace it with the same or similar style for $10 if lost within a year from the date the watch was purchased. You’ll appreciate this benefit if you’ve ever had to look into the teary eyes of a child who has just lost his or her prized possession.

Timex kids watches also have the Indiglo lighting feature. The Indiglo lamp lights the face of the watch in a way that makes it very easy to read. It’s even bright enough to use as sort of a night light to help kids make their way from their dark bedroom to the bathroom at night, for example. This patented lighting feature uses less battery power than the lighting features of other kids watches, which is also a benefit because kids love to play with these types of features.

Many Timex childrens watches are also waterproof. This is a great feature for kids since it seems like most kids like to play with water or in water. Some kids love to play in the rain, others love running through the sprinklers so having a kids waterproof watch will likely ensure the watch will last longer.

Types of Timex Kids Watches

Timex makes a wide variety of kids watches for all personalities and ages, from the kids just learning how to tell time to kids going through adolescence who may prefer kids sport watches.

For those kids learning how to tell time a Timex Time Teacher watch is a great choice. They come in a few different designs so whether your looking at watches for boys or watches for girls you can easily find a good fit.

Timex Time Teacher watches have features that help make it easier to learn how to tell time. The hour and minutes hands of these watches are actually labeled “hour” and “minute”. The hour numbers are easy to read and there is an outer ring showing the minute marks noting every five minute mark. The outer ring is also bi-colored and the watch sides are labeled “past” and “to” helping the child learn when it is five minutes after an hour or five minutes to an hour.

Timex IronKids digital watches are the kids version of IronMan sports watches. The IronKids watch is one of their most popular kids sports watches; it has additional features including an alarm, a timer and a stopwatch function. It has a nylon fast wrap watch band that is easy to use and durable. The IronKids watch is perfect for active kids; it’s durable, the functions are easy to use and it’s even waterproof. This is a solid and popular Timex kids watch.

These are just a couple examples of the popular Timex kids watches available. Timex makes a good variety of childrens watches, both analog and digital kids watches, in different colors and different themes. If you’re looking for cool kids watches Timex may be the way to go.

The benefit of buying Timex kids watches is that you know you’re getting a good quality, durable watch that should last a while.