Nike Kids Watches

If you are looking for kids watches for older kids Nike kids watches are a good option, especially for those that like the sporty, casual look. They have an older, more mature look; you won’t find kids themes on these watches. In fact it’s not uncommon for adults with smaller wrists to buy them because they don’t look like a kids watch.

Nike is a company that makes performance sports gear and attire. Their watches are made with the same general thought behind them, whether they are adults or kids watches. The company claims they are made to handle extreme outdoor conditions and from my own experience they make a durable watch.

Because they are made by a sports company they have a sporty, casual look and fall into the category of kids sport watches. They have a lot of attractive, clean designs including a unique S-shaped design that you can find in a few of their boys watches and girls watches. This specific design is meant to fit the wrist more comfortably and provide a quicker way to read the time.

Because they are made to withstand outdoor conditions they fall in the category of waterproof kids watches. I highly recommend waterproof watches for kids, regardless of the age of the kid for whom you are buying it. This just removes a potential weakness. It’s hard for kids to keep their watch away from water all the time, and if you are trying to instill the hygienic habit of washing hands regularly to avoid things like the flu buying a kids waterproof watch just makes it that much easier.

Many of the Nike kids watches have a unisex design, but there are a few that look more like boys watches or girls watches. Overall the unisex design seems to be pretty popular though, especially when you are looking at a kids sport watches. They also come as both analog and digital watches so you’ll have plenty of choices in that area.

Nike makes an affordable kids watch, not quite as affordable as Timex kids watches, but they are still affordable for a well-made watch. Nike kids watches are a great choice for teenagers, collage kids or even adults with smaller wrists.