LEGO Kids Watches

Interactive LEGO kids watches are good for the kids who love LEGOs or kids that like to personalize and add their own touch to their things. It’s a pretty unique idea mixing LEGOs and watches. These childrens watches give the child the option to change the watch band and the bezel for a different look. Some also have interchangeable pieces that can be attached to the band, in specific shapes to fit the theme of the watch, to add even more of a personal touch.

Features Of LEGO Watches

Kids are able to click pieces together to create their own look with the watch band. These pieces are made from a non-allergenic polycarbonate material and the watches themselves are nickel free. The interchangeable bezel — the ring that fits around the face of the watch holding the crystal in place — is also made out of non-allergenic polycarbonate.

The individual LEGO pieces snap together to form a flexible band. One nice thing about the design of these LEGO kids watches is that you can size the band to fit by adding or removing links. These pieces are also interchangeable with other LEGO watches. For a little more flair some of these wrist watches also have interchangeable clip-on decorative pieces in shapes that fit the theme of the watch.

Another nice feature is that they are also waterproof watches, which is great for kids. I’ve learned from past experience that kids waterproof watches are the only way to go.

Styles Of LEGO Kids Watches

LEGO has a good selection of watches for boys and watches for girls. The most popular of these watches is the LEGO Kids Star Wars line of watches. These watches have different characters from Star Wars like C3PO, R2D2, Darth Vader or Storm Trooper to name just a few. The fun thing about this line is that besides collecting a few different characters and interchanging links between the different watches they also come with a mini figure of the character featured on the watch face. These Star Wars watches have been popular with kids and even the parents who love Star Wars.

Another popular line is the LEGO Clikits watches. This line is more geared toward girls with the pastel colored sections and the decorative heart and star pieces to attach to the band giving it a little more pizazz.

You can also find a variety of classic style LEGO watches with the familiar colorful pieces for the band and a variety of different options for the watch face. Some of these are designed to fit adults so be sure you are buying an appropriate size if you’re specifically looking for a kids watch. You can also find a matching parent, child watch set in some styles.