Kids Waterproof Watches

If you’re looking for a watch for a child in your life, kids waterproof watches are the best way to go. Remember your own childhood and watch the children around you. Most kids love to play with water one way or the other. If they don’t like to swim, they may like to run through the sprinkler, play with the slip and slide, play outside with the hose or they may love to take baths. Even in the winter kids love to play with snow and as the snow that was caked on the wrist bands of their coats melts it can do damage to a child’s wrist watch if it’s not a waterproof kids watch.

Where To Buy Waterproof Kids Watches

You can buy kids waterproof watches most places where childrens watches are sold, such as department stores, discount stores, specialty stores and of course you can buy them online.

Amazon has a great selection and shopping this way allows you to search a wide variety while sitting in the comfort of your own home. They also have a great return policy and they regularly offer the best prices I’ve seen, sometimes with free shipping. Shopping here also allows you to read reviews so you can get a better feel for how others liked that specific product. This can be especially helpful when there are a lot of reviews; you can tell if there is a specific problem that consistently occurs or if that particular kids watch is consistently well-liked.

Of course there are other places to buy kids waterproof watches online also. Your favorite online retailer may carry them or you can go directly to the manufacturer’s website. Look around if you don’t find what you want right away because different sellers carry different styles.

Types Of Kids Waterproof Watches

Watch makers seem to know this so luckily it’s not that hard to find waterproof kids watches in a variety of styles, colors and for a range of age groups.

  • Timex Watches – Timex has always been known for making a quality, durable watch and Timex kids watches are no exception. Fitting with their reputation of making a durable watch, most if not all of their watches for children are waterproof kids watches.
  • Flik Flak Watches – Flik Flak watches, made by Swatch, are all waterproof watches for kids (this line is made specifically for kids). In fact they are so durable and waterproof you can even run them through the washing machine.
  • LEGO Watches – LEGO watches are also designed specifically for kids, with LEGO pieces you can interchange on the watch band to create your own personalized watch. LEGO watches also fit the bill of making a great waterproof watch for kids.
  • Nike Watches – Nike kids watches are generally made for older kids that have already learned how to tell time, but some adults with small wrists have been fans of them as well. In line with with their company theme these make great kids sport watches. These watches also fit the bill of being durable, waterproof kids watches.
  • Disney Watches – Disney watches are pretty popular mostly because of the characters and themes. Some Disney watches are waterproof, but not all of them are so you’ll need to read the product details before buying.

Of course there are other brands that make kids waterproof watches, but these are some of the most popular brands available so they are easy to find. These kids waterproof watches have also proven themselves, and are typically popular with the kids.