Kids Watches With GPS

The idea of buying a kids watch with GPS may sound pretty good for a few different reasons — for safety and for health by tracking fitness. But if you are looking for GPS watches you should know a little bit about the main two types available to find out if they really offer the functionality you want from this type of kids watch.

Kids Watches With GPS For Tracking

The main function of GPS tracking watches for kids, sometimes called a child locator, is safety. They are meant to help you keep track of your child’s location and help find the child in the event the child is taken. While they look and act like simple childrens watches these kids GPS watches also help provide a parent and law enforcement with enough information to find the child quickly.

Most of these GPS watches for kids allow you to set up safe zones; when your child leaves this zone the system will alert you via cell phone or email. Some systems also send an alert if the watch is removed or deactivated without your knowledge.

This sounds like a great idea, but the technology doesn’t seem refined yet and there are mixed reviews on these GPS tracking watches for kids. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider one, but keep a few things in mind before you buy kids watches with GPS.

Of course they aren’t as inexpensive as most girls and boys watches. They generally cost more than $200 and they require a monthly or yearly service fee. They are also a little bulky so they aren’t ideal for very young, small children. Also this won’t provide a complete guarantee you will be able to track your child, for example if the watch is removed and left somewhere if the child is taken. However these wrist watches can provide an added level of protection.

GPS Watches For Fitness

The other main type is a GPS wrist watch made for fitness, especially popular for runners. These GPS wrist watches are typically marketed towards adults, but they work well for older kids as well especially if you are looking at kids sport watches. They are made by companies like Timex, Garmin, Polar and Suunto.

These GPS wrist watches provide data on GPS location often including longitude, latitude and elevation data. They also provide a heart rate monitor with target zones, and allow you to track the distance of your workout. If you are looking for kids waterproof watches most of these fit the bill, but read the details of the specific model before buying to be sure.

Garmin Forerunner and Timex GPS watches are the most popular with the help of branding and expertise in these areas of time and GPS location devices. Timex watches have built a solid reputation with their watch features and durability; when it comes to Timex GPS watches the Timex Ironman GPS watch is the most popular. Garmin has a strong reputation with GPS devices and Garmin GPS watches are no exception.

If you are looking for kids watches with GPS that fit into one of these categories read some reviews before making your final purchase as this type of GPS watch for kids more technical than other types of watches for kids.