Kids Sport Watches

Kids sport watches are often a good choice when it comes to finding the right type of watches for kids that are older or for just entering their teenage years. Sporty kids watches have more of a stylish look and a more mature look that older kids will often appreciate.

These types of childrens watches also offer more features than some of the other popular choices. They often offer an alarm and a timer, but on top of that they are waterproof watches that usually remain waterproof to a pretty good depth. These sporty children’s watches are also built to last, with durable face plates and comfortable wrist bands.

While you may think they make better boys watches, these sport watches are also a good choice for certain girls too. They may be an especially good girls watch for girls that are into athletics or sports. But you can even find pink sports watches for kids that will appeal to some girls.

Of course kids sport watches are often a good watch for boys as well. Most of them come in darker colors that appeal to boys and they often have a design and shape the appeals to boys as well.

Most Nike kids watches are sporty. In fact that’s kind of their specialty. Nike kids watches have a sporty design and many of them have an S-shaped wrist band for greater comfort.

Some Timex kids watches also fall into this category. The Timex Iron Kids watch in particular. It was designed after the Timex IronMan performance watch made for adults. But the Timex Iron Kids watch comes with the Timex Kids Loss Protection Plan.

Kids sports watches are a good choice for the older kids, kids who prefer to dress casual and for those who are into sports. These kids watches have a look that doesn’t necessarily make them feel like kids.