Girls Watches

Looking for a girls gift? Girls watches are a great gift idea for a birthday, a holiday or any other special day. One of the nice things about kids watches is that there is such a wide variety available that you can easily find one she will love, whether she is a tomboy or a girly-girl. With a little bit of thought you can narrow down the options and find just the right one.

Finding The Right One

To start narrowing the options and focusing on the specific one she will love it’s important to know some things about the girl you are buying the watch for. Of course if this girl is your daughter this shouldn’t be a problem; most kids are pretty good at letting their parents know their likes and dislikes.

But if you’re buying the girls watch for a girl you don’t know as well you may want to get some tips from her parents before looking at the wide selection of childrens watches. It may be a little overwhelming if you don’t know which direction to go.

You may want to find out if she has any favorite characters as many kids watches girls like feature popular characters on the watch face or watch band. For instance you may consider a Hello Kitty watch or one of the many fun Disney watches featuring Hannah Montana, Tinkerbell or Minnie Mouse. A lot of girls love the Disney Princess watches too.

Maybe she isn’t into characters as much as basic themes like butterflies, dolphins or even dinosaurs. You can easily find kids watches that fit all of these themes.

If she might like these types of theme-based watches you may want to look at Timex kids watches. Timex makes a great variety of fun watches for kids including the Timex Time Teacher Dinosaur Watch and the Timex Children’s Butterfly Watch. Timex watches are well made, durable and they offer a Kids Loss Protection Plan. Timex also makes more basic, simple looking watches for girls to fit the older girl who wants to look more grown up or for that girl who doesn’t like the flashy designs.

For that girl who likes to make her own jewelry or coordinate her outfits you might consider a watch kit that allows her to switch out her watch bands to match a special outfit or just to change things up a bit. If she is the creative type you may also consider girls LEGO watches. You may think LEGO watches are a better fit for boys but they actually make watches specifically for girls and many of their watches are appropriate for either a boy or a girl. LEGO watches allow the proud owner to design and change the watch band with interchangeable pieces for a more personalized feel.

You will also need to decide if you want to get a traditional analog watch or a digital kids watch. Analog watches made for kids are a great teaching tool. Many of them have large, easy to read numbers with the big hand and little hand well defined. Although analog watches made for older kids are nice because they start adding more grown up looks and features. Girls digital watches also typically have large, easy to read numbers. Plus they may have some other features an analog watch may not have.


Additional features that kids digital watches may have include a stopwatch function, an alarm and a timer function. The girl who likes gadgets will likely love this type of watch.

If the girl you’re buying the watch for loves to be in the water you’ll definitely want to look at waterproof watches. There is a great variety of waterproof kids watches available and Flik Flak watches are even machine washable.

You’ll also want to consider what type of watch band she would prefer. With girls watches some of the bands have decorative items like sequins added to the band. Depending on her age you may also want to consider a fast wrap watch band that is easy for her to use.

Girls watches come in a wide variety of styles from a cartoon theme, to a more feminine look to a kids sport watch. With some thought about the girl you’re buying it for you shouldn’t have any problems finding the perfect girls watch that she will be proud to wear everyday.