Flik Flak Watches

It’s not surprising that Flik Flak watches have become one of the best-selling kids watches available. Flik Flak is a brand of the Swatch Group. The Swatch Group is known for their quality Swiss-made watches that also have a flair for style, whether you’re looking for something new and trendy or something more classic.

Flik Flak Watches Built To Last

Flik Flak watches are made specifically for kids from their design to their durability. These Swiss watches are made in Switzerland and every Flik Flak watch has the Swiss Made (ETA) quartz movement guaranteeing the watch is and will be precise. But that’s not necessarily what the kids care about, or what one thinks about when buying a children’s watch.

More importantly, each line of Flik Flak watches has to pass month-long rigorous tests to verify the safety, quality and durability before they are put on the market. They understand kids can be hard on things so they produce kids watches that will last and watches that are safe for kids.

The mechanics of the watch are contained in an aluminum case with a scratch resistant mineral glass face. This type of face is better than plastic for protecting the watch from scratches. Since the moving parts of the watch are secured in this protective case these childrens watches are shock resistant and able to survive an active day of playing.

Flik Flak: The Ultimate Waterproof Kids Watches

Flik Flak watches are all water-resistant kids watches so the kids can run through the sprinkler, take a shower or go swimming with these watches without damaging them. These kids sport watches are so waterproof and durable they are even machine washable. Imagine that a machine washable watch! They can be washed in the machine at 40°C. Just put the watch in a sock and throw it in with the normal wash.

Learning How To Tell Time

Besides being a tough, shock-resistant, waterproof kids watch these watches were also designed to help kids learn how to tell time. Flik Flack watches have features that include distinctly different hour and minute hands, and an outer ring with easy to read minute identifiers. They are all designed as analog kids watches so kids can learn how to tell time on this classic style of watch.

The company makes both boys watches and girls watches. The age range they target is mainly between 3 and 9 years old; they have 3 different product lines for this age range.

For the younger children, between 3 and 5 years old, they focus on kids watches that help teach kids how to tell time by using the Flik Flak characters. Flik is the older brother who represents the minute hand, and Flak is the younger sister who represents the hour hand. Like Time Teacher Timex childrens watches, Flik Flak kids watches stand out as one of the most fun choices for kids learning how to tell time.

The Flik Flack Preschool watches are designed for kids between 6 and 7 years old. These watches have regular hour and minute hands without the characters to help the kids feel like they are stepping up to the next level of watch.

The Full Size watch line is made for kids between the ages of 8 to 9 and beyond. These children’s watches are made to feel a little more grown-up but they still have the fun design features of the Flik Flak watch brand.