Disney Watches

If you’re looking at kids watches for gift ideas you’ll definitely want to take a look at Disney kids watches. Disney watches are incredibly popular, so popular they top best seller lists year after year.

The Popularity of Disney Watches

It isn’t too surprising that Disney kids watches are so well-liked, after all Disney and childhood seem to go hand in hand. Disney has been around for as long as most of us can remember; not only around but a part of our childhood.

One of the fun things about Disney is that many of the characters you grew to love when you were a child are still popular and you can watch your own children grow to love them as well. But Disney is also great at keeping things fresh so there are plenty of new characters added to the list every year as well.

Micky Mouse Kids Watch

Micky Mouse Kids Watch

When most young kids find a favorite character they want almost everything to include that character – their clothes, notebooks and especially things like their favorite watch. Luckily there are a wide variety of Disney character watches available, both boys watches and girls watches, with a number of favorite Disney characters from the older, classic ones like Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell to newer Disney favorites like Hannah Montana and Cars and the ever popular Disney princess watches. Their specialty is kids character watches.

But Disney watches aren’t just made for kids. There are a few classic designs made for adults too, so kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun with these character watches.

Features To Consider When Buying A Disney Watch

Before you start shopping for kids watches you may want to consider which features are important or necessary. This can even make the shopping process easier by narrowing down the selection.

One of the first decisions will be whether you want an analog watch or a kids digital watch. Disney watches come in a wide variety of both digital and analog. If you’re looking for an analog watch that will make it easier to learn how to tell time you may want to consider one of the Disney Time Teacher watches. They have the easy to read numbers showing 1 through 12 and an inner circle of numbers showing the minute marks, highlighting the 5 minute marks.

You’ll want to think about the age of the kids you are buying childrens watches for and make sure they are able to put the watch on themselves, or have someone help with that. Some kids are pretty independent and will want to be able to put the watch on themselves, other won’t mind help from an adult. Either way you can find a Disney watch with traditional bands using the buckle but you can also find them with easy to use bands featuring a nylon band with a hook and loop strap.

We all know how much kids like playing in water, so you may want to consider getting a waterproof kids watch. Certain Disney watches come with the waterproof feature; it’s nice to have that option. Some kids are really good at being careful and taking off their watch if they think it might be damaged, but others get too wrapped up in the fun and forget. Depending on the child you may want to look at water resistant watches.

When shopping for kids watches always remember the personality of the child who will be receiving it. With the wide variety of Disney watches available you shouldn’t have any problems finding just the right one.