Activa Kids Watches

Another fun brand of childrens watches is Activa kids watches. They are primarily made for the younger kids with their bright colors and a variety of fun kids designs.

Activa kids watches are made by the company Invicta, a Swiss watch company that was founded in the 1800s. The founder started the company because he wanted to deliver fine Swiss watches at a reasonable price. The company was re-established in the 1990’s, after a decrease caused by the quartz movement. It is still privately owned and operated so they can closely monitor the business and ensure high quality.

Popular Features Of Activa Kids Watches

Activa children’s watches are a good choice for younger kids because of their colorful, fun designs. Their designs often include cartoon-like drawings of animals and other kid-friendly images like cars, flowers or sea life. They make good use of color in their watch bands sometimes incorporating the theme in the band, for example the Activa dolphin watch has the image of dolphins swimming in water (shown by waves of different colors of blue). This is one of their watch bands that has texture to match the design, making them that much more fun as youth watches.

Activa Dolphin Kids Watch

Activa Dolphin Kids Watch

They have rubber watch bands that are smooth and bendable for comfort. They are also easy to keep clean as they don’t absorb stains the way some other bands might.

Another advantage is that they fall under the category of kids waterproof watches. Having the rubber wrist band on these waterproof watches for kids makes them great for kids who love water because the band won’t absorb water or be ruined from exposure to water over a period of time.

Activa Time-2-Learn Watches

Activa makes both boys watches and girls watches. They also make a line of watches for those who are learning how to tell time — similar to Timex Time Teacher Watches — making it a good first watch. Activa’s line is called Time-2-Learn watches. There are a variety of fun designs and colors in the Time-2-Learn line from the cute designs to ones that have a bit more of a grown up look. This line has features to help kids learn how to tell time like clearly marked hour and minute hands, sections marked “to” and “past”, as well as having every five minutes clearly labeled and easy to read.

They specialize in analog kids watches. The watch faces have slightly different sizes and shapes depending the style you choose with the Time-2-Learn line being round and the easiest to read of all their youth watches.

If you are looking for an affordable watch made for kids look at Activa kids watches. They offer specific ultra-affordable childrens watches, so buying them doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. This can be especially helpful if you are buying for a group of kids.