Kids Watches

by Laura

Kids watches can be a valuable and fun learning tool, but they are also a great gift idea. I’ll never forget my first wrist watch. It was a Christmas present and I was so proud of it I couldn’t wait to show it off at the holiday gathering at my cousin’s house.

The funny thing is my two cousins had received their first kids watches that year too. We had so much fun comparing them and sharing the experience… I’ll always remember it. The other novelty of it was that it was a waterproof watch I had wanted, which made it twice as fun because I loved to swim!

If you’re ready to start shopping click here to shop for kids watches at Amazon; otherwise read on to learn more about what to look for and what to consider when looking for childrens watches.

Table of Contents for Kids Watches:

Fun and Educational

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Part of the reason childrens watches are fun for kids is because it feels like they are wearing an adult, or grown up, accessory. Many kids toys are modeled after grown up things, like cell phones or kitchen sets, but the thing that’s fun about childrens watches is they are real and for the most part they function like an adult version. But they are designed to have color themes and pictures that kids will like.

Another reason they are fun is because they provide a great way to interact with your children and teach them about time. You can teach your kids how to tell time — the big hand, the little hand and the second hand — and you can also start teaching them to be aware of time. You can periodically ask them what time it is and ask them when you are suppose to be at such and such a place, or what time they go to school and what time do they come home. It’s a fun way to teach them and make them feel more involved. And kids watches with GPS even help children develop their sense of direction.

Types of Childrens Watches

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You can easily find both kids digital watches and kids analog watches. Analog kids wristwatches are the traditional type with the clock face, hour and minute hands. Digital kids watches are the type with the numbers where the colon separates the hour from the minutes.

Childrens Watches

Childrens Watches

Digital childrens watches are a more familiar look for kids because that’s how time is displayed on many modern technologies as well as things like cell phones and microwaves. But analog childrens timepieces may provide a better learning experience. It’s important for kids to know how to tell time on both types of watches so you may consider getting one of each.

Wrist watches for kids are the best way to go because they strap on to their wrist making them harder to loose. Besides the watch bands on kids wrist watches help create the overall look and style of the watch. The bands on most youth watches are made of stretchy material with fun colors, designs and patterns. They are usually pretty eye-catching, making them more fun and some, like the LEGO kids watch, can even be designed or changed by the kids themselves. How fun!

Shopping for Kids Watches

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Whether you are looking for a boys watches or girls watches you won’t have a problem finding a good selection when you choose to buy them online. While they definitely don’t have to be gender specific the kids watches boys usually choose have a different look than the kids watches girls typically choose. But some versions are pretty neutral. Know some things about the child you are buying it for as they may surprise you with their likes and dislikes.

Childrens watches are easy to find; they are in most department or discount stores in the jewelry section or kids sections. You can also find them at watch stores or kids stores. But if you’re looking for specific childrens watches or brands, like Mickey Mouse Disney watches, kids sport watches, Star Wars watches for kids or Timex kids watches you may want to try shopping online. By shopping online for childrens watches you’ll have a wide variety available at your fingertips and you can easily read reviews of popular children’s watches there too. You will also almost always find some kids watches for sale when you shop online.

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Watches For Boys

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When it comes to the kids watches boys like, it is often a good idea to start with two sets of interests: sports and whatever is the current hot fiction or toy among boys. To determine the most appropriate set, you once again have to know the specific child. The children’s watch a boy who is into video games will prefer could be quite a bit different from the childrens watches boys who are into football or baseball will prefer. There are NFL, NBA and MLB all brand wristwatches for boys, so if your child loves the NFL, consider an authentic NFL branded wristwatch.

A good place to start for any interest, however, will be with something durable. Most boys watches will need to withstand quite a bit more diverse and rigorous activity than most adult watches or maybe even girls watches.

Different brands will target different demographics sometimes. Casio watches may offer more choices for boys into music while Nike watches may be more appropriate for kids into sports. And while Disney covers a surprisingly broad spectrum, often Disney watches will be better for younger boys looking for their favorite Disney character.

For more suggestions and advice, read my full post: Boys Watches.

Watches For Girls

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When isolating the kids watches girls prefer, you unfortunately find yourself working with stereotypes. This is okay if you use it as a base and adjust the style and taste for each individual girl. But as a base, girls tend to prefer watches that allow them to play adult more than boys do. Also, the childrens watches girls prefer tend to celebrate their favorite stars or celebrities more often than the timepieces preferred by most boys.

Just like with boys watches, when you research girls wristwatches you will want to pay attention to what new arrivals exist in kids entertainment, but also consider the girl’s personality. You don’t want to buy Hannah Montana if the girl doesn’t care about Hannah Montana anymore. Often times, however, the most successful theme for a girls watch will be related to whatever fiction or toy is the hottest for a given generation.

For more help finding and buying watches for girls, check out my full guide: Girls Watches.

Kids Waterproof Watches

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If you’re looking for waterproof kids watches, you’re in luck. Lego, Disney, Timex, Flik Flak, Nike and more all offer a wide variety of rugged kids waterproof watches. If you’re not looking for waterproof kids wristwatches, you should be. Not only do kids love to play in and around water, but the protective quality of a proper waterproof kids watch will help withstand the rigors of a muddy, rainy day, a snowball fight and the occasional forgetful child who enters the shower or bath without taking off their watch.

In fact, as a baseline, I recommend almost anyone start their kids watch shopping with waterproof capability by default. For more on this topic, read my full guide: Kids Waterproof Watches.

Watches for kids come in all sorts of styles, sizes, shapes and colors, so to be prepared and know a little about the child’s favorite characters, colors and general interests. The best kids watches are not always digital kids watches, but be careful about analog wristwatches sometimes being disguised cheap kids watches. Knowing this can help you find the perfect kids watches that will be shown off and proudly worn.


Kids Waterproof Watches

If you’re looking for kids watch, waterproof watches will be your best option. Most kids love to play with water or in water so you want something that can withstand this. If they don’t like to swim, they may like to run through the sprinkler, or they may simply like to play outside with the hose. Even in the winter kids watches are exposed to potential water damage as the snow melts around their coat cuffs.

Getting a waterproof kids watch can help you avoid seeing that sad look on their face if the watch is broken or damaged. Luckily they aren’t hard to find, as companies who make these watches know what an important feature this is. Once you know the companies who make them you can start narrowing down based on the other features and styles they offer. The prominent makers of these kids watches include […]

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Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak watches have become one of the best-selling kids watches available, and for good reason. Flik Flak is a brand of the Swatch Group. Flik Flak watches were created specifically for kids from their design to their durability. They are made in Switzerland and each Flik Flak watch has the Swiss (ETA) quartz movement which guarantees the watch will be precise. But that’s not really what the kids care about, or what one thinks about when buying a kids watch.

Kids are more interested in the designs and the features. But you may be concerned about how long it will last. You will be happy to know they are required to pass month-long rigorous tests to verify the safety, quality and durability before they are put on the market. The makers of Flik Flak watches understand kids can be hard on things and sad when their favorite toy or item breaks. That’s why you will see features in these watches you and the kids will appreciate.

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LEGO Kids Watches

LEGO kids watches are good for the kids who love LEGOs or kids that like to personalize and add their own touch to their things. It’s a pretty unique idea mixing LEGOs and watches. They give the child the option to change the watch band and the bezel for a different look. Some also have interchangeable pieces that can be attached to the band, in specific shapes to fit the theme of the watch, which can add even more of a personal touch.

Kids are able to click pieces together to create their own look with the watch band. These pieces are made from a non-allergenic polycarbonate material and the watches themselves are nickel free. The individual LEGO pieces snap together to form a flexible band. One nice thing about the specific design of these childrens watches is that they are waterproof. […]

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Kids Sport Watches

Kids sport watches are often a good choice when it comes to finding the right watch for kids that are older or for just entering their teenage years. Sporty kids watches have more of a stylish look and a mature look that older kids will often appreciate.

These types of childrens watches also offer more features than some of the other popular choices. They often offer an alarm and a timer, but in addition to that they are […]

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